About myself. Photographer in Bavaria | Order a photoshoot
About myself. Photographer in Bavaria | Order a photoshoot

I’m Alex Zhuravlyov, a professional photographer. 

I have been living and working in Germany for 3 years. Photography is my real passion, it pushes me to keep going and at the same time to discover new ways and directions in photography. I am always there for explorations and new trends, but my main goal — to create my own trends. In my experience, I can safely say that every person or brand has something to tell and I am ready to help you to let this story be recognized and save as a photo.Family photography or for your blog, website or just to please someone, or for self-expression — these are all things we will work with.

For communication: 

Telephone: + 4915146981077

E-mail: info @ alezhur- photography.de

Insta: www.instagram.com/alezhur.ph/

Telegram: t.me/alexzhr